Mister Malachi

I am about ready to blow and represent for me as well as the whole Midwest I just need you  support and follow.

I am a singer-songwriter

Grab interest

If you have a beat,melody  idea for a song I am the guy you should contact write it for you.

A lot of music Lacks sincerity as well as depth

I can write about  any and everything  that I have a  emotional connection to  and  any type  understanding, don't believe me do business with me.

It's just the smart thing to do

It's probably hard to find somebody who can write a real good song for a reasonable price.here you can,so let's do this !!!


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This was written by 18 year old me

At this moment

Acoustic version by me

Old times sake by Mister Malachi

Listen to OTS modified_MASTERED.mp3 by Mister Malachi Allen #np on #SoundCloud


Menu price list

It will help a lot if you submit a melody beat or link as well as a description detailing what you want the song to be about

Tug a war

Written by me. 

Easy access

By mistermalachi. 

I must ask

By me.


Check out this great video


Check out this great video


Check out this great video